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    What is Turtle Hill Golf House?

    What is Turtle Hill Golf House

    If you are native of Bermuda, you must have been come to know that there is no other better place than the Turtle Hill Golf Club at Fairmont Southampton. It is a golf resort, which has won the ‘Best Places to Play Golf’ from Golf Digest magazine. With exciting views of Atlantic Ocean and 18 challenging par 3 holes, this golf resort is a lush golf course with a sub-tropical environment. Here, you will enjoy strong coastal winds and at the same time, you will be amazed by the vivid elevation changes. Therefore, the Turtle Hill Golf House will take your golf to new heights with extraordinary surroundings.

    Furthermore, the Turtle Hill Golf House is a 2,684-yard golf course where you can even play a tournament or a friendly game. In fact, you will not be bored for a second as you will find numerous bunkers with two water hazards, and three tee offerings on each golf hole (18 holes). As said earlier that the Golf Magazine has awarded this golf course as the Best Place to Play Golf, it was ranked as the third best golf course in the world. The main specialty of this course is its one of the top five par 3 golf course.

    What is the address of Turtle Hill Golf Course?

    What is Turtle Hill Golf HouseThe exact location and address of the Turtle Hill Golf Course are:

    101 South Shore Road, Southampton, Bermuda, SN02
    Phone: (441) 238-8000 Fax: (441) 238-8968
    Email: golf.bermuda@fairmont.com

    What about the Club Membership of the Turtle Golf Course?

    If you become a member of this golf course, you will get full access to 18-hole, par 3 golf course along with driving range nets, a new practice area and a putting green. You will also receive complimentary access to FootGolf, which is a fusion between golf and soccer. The annual cost of the club membership is the $1,599 per person. If you are over 55, the rate will reduce to $950 per person with an option of one additional month’s membership. As for the couple, the annual cost is $2,199 with one-month free membership. You can also take full resort membership, which includes facilities for spa, tennis, and golf. This membership contains all the above privileges and the rates for this membership are as follows:

    • $4,999 per person
    • $8,349 per couple

    When is the Turtle Hill Golf House open?

    What is Turtle Hill Golf HouseThe golf house is open every day. The operating hours vary on the months from November to March (7:00 AM – 4:00 PM) and from April to October (7:00 AM – 6:00 PM). You should wear appropriate golf attire with proper golf shoes.

    What are the amenities of Turtle Hill Golf House?

    The amenities of this golf course includes the following:

    • Bag storage facility
    • Rent or purchase option for golf apparel
    • Practice facility for putting green
    • Expert golf lessons on various tricks
    • FootGolf gaming option and refreshments at Golf shop

    Any guest can cancel the membership without penalty up to 24 hours to tee time (for single membership policy or 30 days prior to tee time (for group membership policy).

  • Golf Cart Bag Vs. Golf Stand Bag

    Golf Cart Bag Vs. Golf Stand Bag: Which One Should You Choose?

    When you are buying a new golf bag, you must consider your needs specifically. It means you have to narrow your scope and find exactly what you need from a golf bag. The thing is most of us have divided opinion between golf cart bag and golf stand bag. On a side note, you can actually keep or hold your clubs and other objects like balls and tees in both types of bags. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about golf cart bag and golf stand bag to ensure you can buy the right type of bag. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

    What is a Cart Bag?

    Golf Cart Bag Vs. Golf Stand BagA golf cart bag is a bag in which you have to place on a handcart or power cart for taking around it to the golf course. A golf cart bag is equipped with a strap, which will allow you to sling it over the shoulder. However, you cannot make it stand effectively on uneven surfaces. Usually, golf cart bags are useful for smooth or flat surfaces where you can make them stand. But, you cannot make them stand upright on a fairway. Therefore, you have to buy or rent a handcart for using them. You can also attach it to the rear of a power cart. In addition, cart bags are spacious and they have more separate compartments, which will bring the better organization.

    What is a Stand Bag?

    A golf stand bag is a bag with an appearance of a cart bag. But, the added benefit of this type of bag is you will have a set of two built-in legs. These legs help the bag to stand or sit at an angle while you are taking the shot. You can fit them in a cart but most people prefer to carry them during the round of golf. What’s more, a golf stand bag comes with a carrying strap or back-pack style harness, which makes carrying easier. To add to this fact, this type of bags are smaller than cart bags with more compactness.

    The Pros and Cons of Golf Cart Bags and Golf Stand Bags

    Golf Cart Bag Vs. Golf Stand Bag1. Cart Bag Pros and Cons

    The most amazing benefit of a golf push cart is you can push or pull the golf bag around the cart. This transportation benefit will allow you to carry the bag over your shoulder. But, the most damning fact about this bag is you have to obtain a cart to transport the bag, which will cost you additional money. Also, if you are on a sloped terrain, it will be difficult for you to pull a cart.

    2. Stand Bag Pros and Cons

    If you use a golf stand bag, you will have an extra element of exercise option to you. Because it is heavy and you have to carry it for several hours around the course. In that sense, you can burn a lot of fat and it will ultimately increase your endurance power. Additionally, you can easily set down a golf stand bag at any environment including on slopes. The only drawback of this bag is if the bag is too heavy, you cannot carry it for a long time as it will bring pain to your back and shoulder.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is both of these bags have usefulness but for specific situations. So, whenever you are choosing between them, you must identify your purposes. Let us know which type of bag you would choose by commenting below.

  • Hitting Golf Balls Off Mats VS Grass

    Hitting Golf Balls Off Mats VS Grass

    In recent times, more and more golfers prefer to practice on mats, especially the beginners who want to get a taste of playing golf. Despite the fanfare that mats receive from these types of golfers, many seasoned players choose to play or practice on grass than on mats. So, for this reason, we have come up with an article, explain the differences between hitting golf balls off mats vs hitting golf balls off the grass. So, put your sleeves up and read the article to know which is better.

    What is a Mat in a golf game?

    Hitting Golf Balls Off Mats VS GrassBefore going into the detail, we would like you to know what role mats play in a golf game. If you are not a position to practice golf on a golf course, you would obviously go for nets. But here, you will also need high quality golf mats. With a mat, you can actually hit the ball quite perfectly. Mats are ideal equipment for practicing golf in the winter season.

    Hitting golf balls off Mats vs. hitting golf balls off Grass: Which is better?

    1. Hitting the balls off the grass

    Typically, with mats on your artificial net or turf, you can hit the balls pretty well. However, this will not happen when you are hitting the ball off the grass. The thing is mats will rectify all problems related to your shots, bringing in much-needed accuracy. Additionally, when you are practicing on mats, you will see that your divot is hitting in the right direction. In fact, you will not be limited to your tee shots. The fact of the matter is almost all mats have a small rubber tee, which doesn’t include an adjustable height. Therefore, hitting the balls off the mats is easy.

    2. Hitting the balls off the mats

    Hitting Golf Balls Off Mats VS GrassAs you have probably understood that playing with mats is easy because they are forgiving. But, if you talk about hitting the balls of grass, the entire scenario would be different. At grass, the golf ball will behave naturally, meaning that you must have your accuracy to put the ball into the hole. What’s more, when you hit the ball, the club will bounce off behind the ball and take a divot. Besides, if you practice more on the grass, your will skill will improve significantly.

    Bottom Line

    If you have come far, you must have understood the basic difference between hitting the balls off mats and hitting the balls off the grass. The thing is mats is for beginners who are just starting out as a golf player. On the other hand, the grass is for professional players who have played the game for a long time.

    Therefore, if you are a newbie, you should start using mats. But, you have to remember that to be a good golfer, you must recognize the relationship between hitting the surfaces and the mats. Although more and more golf courses are trying to keep mats in their nets for practice, the grass will always remain the best place for pro golfers.

    So, let us know which one you should prefer and why we should use them by commenting below.

  • Most Popular Sports In America

    10 Most Popular Sports In America

    America is a nation where sports are hugely popular among its citizens. In fact, sports in America has a rich history of the country has been the origin of many exciting sports in the world. Not to mention, Americans love playing sports be it college football or basketball. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the 10 most popular sports in America to make you understand how America has been a big part of world sports. Let’s read the article carefully.

    1. American football

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaThe first sport on our list is the American Football, which ranks as the 9th most popular sports in the world and it also takes home the 1st place in America. The host of this game is the National Football League or the NFL. Americans love this sport and they visit the stadiums regularly with their family and friends.

    2. Baseball

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaBaseball is massively popular among Americans and people from other countries love it too. There are two levels of baseball game – 1. Minor league 2. Major league. People love this game so much that they watch baseball in their pastime often.

    3. Basketball

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaBasketball is the third most popular sport in America. With more than 14,000 average attendance in every match, basketball is watched by almost all Americans. The game is organized by NBA or National Basketball Association.

    4. Ice Hockey

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaIn America, Ice Hockey is known as hockey, especially in the northern portion of America. Ice hockey is extremely popular sport in America and it has taken the fourth position as the most popular game in America. Additionally, the game is organized by the National Hockey League. The league has a huge fan following with supporters from across the world watch the game regularly.

    5. Soccer

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaSoccer is the fifth-most popular game in America, which is also the most notable sports among the citizens of the USA. Although it’s not as popular as American Football, it has still, a large viewership. The Major League Soccer organizes the game where many renowned foreign players join the local teams and enhances the reputation of the game.

    6. Tennis

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaTennis is another popular game in America, which is played widely by the men and women. The game has produced some of the best tennis player of all time including Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams. In fact, these players are the ones who have changed the way the game is being played. In truth, they glorify the game and America in a massive way.

    7. Golf

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaGolf happens to be 7th most post popular game in America. This game has produced some of finest golfers of all generations including Tiger Woods. Regardless of the status, almost everybody plays golf in their leisure time.

    8. Wrestling

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaWrestling draws thousands of people to the arena where people go and watch the matches wholeheartedly. It doesn’t matter if it is WWE or MMA, American people simply love and enjoy the game passionately. They also idolize the superstars of this game including John Cena, Triple H, the Rock, and the Undertaker.

    9. Motor racing Sports

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaIn America, both motorcycle racing and auto car racing are one of the biggest draws. People love these games so much that many people own sports and race cars. NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing arranges all the races.

    10. Badminton

    Most Popular Sports In AmericaThe last game on our list is the badminton, which is a classy game. Americans love and enjoy watching this game. Even though the game has a simple structure to play, people still are crazy about it. Since the game is simple, people play this game anywhere they want.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is you have now understood the sports preferences of American people. All the above-mentioned games are the most popular sports in America. They also generate the most revenue as well. So, share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

  • How To Be a Better Golf Player
    How to Play

    How To Be a Better Golf Player

    We all know that many golfers hate practicing as they think doing regular practice won’t make them a better player. Yes! It might have been true for some players but not for all of them. The thing is only consistent practice can enhance your golfing skills to the next level. Not to mention a golfer has to have a perfect swing skills to ensure he is hitting the target accurately.
    So, in this article, we are going to share the five fundamental swing techniques. If you use 5-10 minutes each on these techniques, they will allow you to be a better golfer. Let’s scroll down the article and find out how you can improve your swing skill.

    1. Maintain proper alignment with your target

    How To Be a Better Golf PlayerIt is very important to have a proper alignment of everything. It means you have to keep your clubface aligned in a straight line with your hips, shoulders, and feet. If you make sure this, you can hit your target accurately. Additionally, you can take the help of a golf shaft to make things happen. Generally, keeping everything aligned is called – ‘neutral alignment.’

    Note that your back foot or shoulder is not allowed come in front. In that case, you have ensure they are properly in place to hit the target. Otherwise, you can put your ball in the green. Another major issue is your comfort. Yeah! It might sound different to many golfers but if you are not feeling comfortable, you are not going to swing correctly. So, take your comfort into account and practice every day.

    2. Stay connected while starting your swing

    Staying connected is significant in swinging your club to right direction. Typically, this statement can convey different messages to different golfers. But, we are saying that you have to use your shoulders more to take the club back. Ultimately, you cannot let your hands get too far ahead of your body rotation. In short, the club, your body, hands, and arms must move together. This technique is known as the one-piece takeaway.

    On the other hand, if you can’t put everything together, you will have many downswing. Therefore, you should make sure your hands don’t take over the backswing by delaying the wrist hinge until the golf shaft is parallel to the ground. In this way, you can stay connected while starting your swing.

    3. Take an inside approach to hit the target

    How To Be a Better Golf PlayerIn this third technique, we are focusing on the inside approach. Here, you will ensure sufficient room or space for swinging the club down into the ball from inside. In case, if you are feeling your body is not a proper place and it’s blocking the club to hit the target from inside, you haven’t completed backswing appropriately. To resolve this problem, you must make a full turn where your upper body will go in a backward position. And you should not use your arms to take the club back.

    4. Use the hips more for playing

    Using your hips to good effect is essential to become a better golf player. With that being said, having a perfect hip rotation is what you need to swing down the club from an inside position. So, you can have a good hip rotation if you focus on moving your hip from one side to another.

    In fact, many golfers depend on this technique and you can also bump your left or right hip toward your target. It will allow you swing the club down from an inside position.

    5. Use the right arm to strike

    When you are hitting the club to your best effort, the ball will fly straight. Now, when the club is moving through the impact zone, you can extend the right arm and leave it be during the follow-through. It is in fact, a fruitful trick for accuracy. It will also maintain your upper body behind the ball through impact zone.

    Let’s assume, you will shift the body weight into the left leg with a hip bump. It will keep you in a backward position, providing power and a higher trajectory to all the shots. In truth, it is a simple fundamental basic for golfers which is more effective than any other technique.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is all the above-mentioned techniques are extremely useful and they will make anyone a better golf player. So, please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

  • The Best Golf Courses in Texas

    The Best Golf Courses in Texas

    When it comes to producing the best golf players, Texas will always be recognized as the go-to place as this state has produced some of the finest golf players of all time. Some of these legendary figures include Ben Hogan, Lanny Wadkins, Justin Leonard, Byron Nelson, and Lee Trevino. So, now you can understand why Texas has always been in the center of attraction for golf.

    In this article, we are going to talk about the best golf courses in Texas to help you in becoming a great golfer. Let’s move forward and find out where you would play golf in Texas.

    1. Barton Creek – Fazio Canyons

    The Best Golf Courses in TexasThe first golf course on our list is the Barton Creek – Fazio Canyons. Opened in 2000, this golf course represents the design of Tom Fazio. Additionally, the golf course includes a downhill par-5 18th hole, which is considered as one of the top finishers in Texas. Here, the water will come into play twice and it is located close Barton Creek Resort.

    2. Pine Dunes

    The Best Golf Courses in TexasMany of you haven’t heard about this golf course but don’t be disappointed because this golf course is worth trying. Located just away from Frankston, this golf course resembles a design of Jay Morrish and it was established in 2001. The golf course features a dogleg par-5 18th and you will see the price justifies everything it offers including the nearby accommodation in condominiums.

    3. The Rawls at Texas Tech

    The Best Golf Courses in TexasThe Rawls golf course is the first-ever project of Tom Doak who has completed the work of Pacific Dunes in Oregon. The entire golf course is built on a flat piece of ground where you will see berms are surrounding the layout of the course. In fact, the golf course is a landscaped property where the wind is a major factor in playing.

    4. Old American The Colony

    The Best Golf Courses in TexasThe Old American The Colony is a work of Justin Leonard and Tripp Davis, which depicts a stylish design. The golf course provides an old-school feel in which you will see the designers have abandoned the 20th-century designs. For an in-depth view, please visit their official website.

    5. TPC San Antonio – AT&T Oaks

    The Best Golf Courses in TexasThe TPC San Antonio – AT&T Oaks is designed by Greg Norman who took help and consultation from Sergio Garcia. Blessed with a gigantic 7,522-yard layout, this golf course is a well-bunkered golf course where the golfers would enjoy playing at a high-level.

    6. Butterfield Trail

    The Best Golf Courses in TexasThe last golf course on our list is the Butterfield Trail, which is one of the standout golf courses in Texas. Butterfield Trail golf course was built on a land in El Paso and this land was part of a mail delivery route from the 19th-century. The golf course features a Tom Fazio design where you will see many elevated tees, two-acre Lake, and natural sand dunes. All these things will come into play when you are on closing hole of each nine.

    Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line is all the above golf courses in Texas are some of the best places to play golf. So, if you have any recommendations for golf courses in Texas, please let us know by commenting below.