Most Popular Sports In America

10 Most Popular Sports In America

America is a nation where sports are hugely popular among its citizens. In fact, sports in America has a rich history of the country has been the origin of many exciting sports in the world. Not to mention, Americans love playing sports be it college football or basketball. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the 10 most popular sports in America to make you understand how America has been a big part of world sports. Let’s read the article carefully.

1. American football

Most Popular Sports In AmericaThe first sport on our list is the American Football, which ranks as the 9th most popular sports in the world and it also takes home the 1st place in America. The host of this game is the National Football League or the NFL. Americans love this sport and they visit the stadiums regularly with their family and friends.

2. Baseball

Most Popular Sports In AmericaBaseball is massively popular among Americans and people from other countries love it too. There are two levels of baseball game – 1. Minor league 2. Major league. People love this game so much that they watch baseball in their pastime often.

3. Basketball

Most Popular Sports In AmericaBasketball is the third most popular sport in America. With more than 14,000 average attendance in every match, basketball is watched by almost all Americans. The game is organized by NBA or National Basketball Association.

4. Ice Hockey

Most Popular Sports In AmericaIn America, Ice Hockey is known as hockey, especially in the northern portion of America. Ice hockey is extremely popular sport in America and it has taken the fourth position as the most popular game in America. Additionally, the game is organized by the National Hockey League. The league has a huge fan following with supporters from across the world watch the game regularly.

5. Soccer

Most Popular Sports In AmericaSoccer is the fifth-most popular game in America, which is also the most notable sports among the citizens of the USA. Although it’s not as popular as American Football, it has still, a large viewership. The Major League Soccer organizes the game where many renowned foreign players join the local teams and enhances the reputation of the game.

6. Tennis

Most Popular Sports In AmericaTennis is another popular game in America, which is played widely by the men and women. The game has produced some of the best tennis player of all time including Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams. In fact, these players are the ones who have changed the way the game is being played. In truth, they glorify the game and America in a massive way.

7. Golf

Most Popular Sports In AmericaGolf happens to be 7th most post popular game in America. This game has produced some of finest golfers of all generations including Tiger Woods. Regardless of the status, almost everybody plays golf in their leisure time.

8. Wrestling

Most Popular Sports In AmericaWrestling draws thousands of people to the arena where people go and watch the matches wholeheartedly. It doesn’t matter if it is WWE or MMA, American people simply love and enjoy the game passionately. They also idolize the superstars of this game including John Cena, Triple H, the Rock, and the Undertaker.

9. Motor racing Sports

Most Popular Sports In AmericaIn America, both motorcycle racing and auto car racing are one of the biggest draws. People love these games so much that many people own sports and race cars. NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing arranges all the races.

10. Badminton

Most Popular Sports In AmericaThe last game on our list is the badminton, which is a classy game. Americans love and enjoy watching this game. Even though the game has a simple structure to play, people still are crazy about it. Since the game is simple, people play this game anywhere they want.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is you have now understood the sports preferences of American people. All the above-mentioned games are the most popular sports in America. They also generate the most revenue as well. So, share your thoughts with us by commenting below.