How To Be a Better Golf Player
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How To Be a Better Golf Player

We all know that many golfers hate practicing as they think doing regular practice won’t make them a better player. Yes! It might have been true for some players but not for all of them. The thing is only consistent practice can enhance your golfing skills to the next level. Not to mention a golfer has to have a perfect swing skills to ensure he is hitting the target accurately.
So, in this article, we are going to share the five fundamental swing techniques. If you use 5-10 minutes each on these techniques, they will allow you to be a better golfer. Let’s scroll down the article and find out how you can improve your swing skill.

1. Maintain proper alignment with your target

How To Be a Better Golf PlayerIt is very important to have a proper alignment of everything. It means you have to keep your clubface aligned in a straight line with your hips, shoulders, and feet. If you make sure this, you can hit your target accurately. Additionally, you can take the help of a golf shaft to make things happen. Generally, keeping everything aligned is called – ‘neutral alignment.’

Note that your back foot or shoulder is not allowed come in front. In that case, you have ensure they are properly in place to hit the target. Otherwise, you can put your ball in the green. Another major issue is your comfort. Yeah! It might sound different to many golfers but if you are not feeling comfortable, you are not going to swing correctly. So, take your comfort into account and practice every day.

2. Stay connected while starting your swing

Staying connected is significant in swinging your club to right direction. Typically, this statement can convey different messages to different golfers. But, we are saying that you have to use your shoulders more to take the club back. Ultimately, you cannot let your hands get too far ahead of your body rotation. In short, the club, your body, hands, and arms must move together. This technique is known as the one-piece takeaway.

On the other hand, if you can’t put everything together, you will have many downswing. Therefore, you should make sure your hands don’t take over the backswing by delaying the wrist hinge until the golf shaft is parallel to the ground. In this way, you can stay connected while starting your swing.

3. Take an inside approach to hit the target

How To Be a Better Golf PlayerIn this third technique, we are focusing on the inside approach. Here, you will ensure sufficient room or space for swinging the club down into the ball from inside. In case, if you are feeling your body is not a proper place and it’s blocking the club to hit the target from inside, you haven’t completed backswing appropriately. To resolve this problem, you must make a full turn where your upper body will go in a backward position. And you should not use your arms to take the club back.

4. Use the hips more for playing

Using your hips to good effect is essential to become a better golf player. With that being said, having a perfect hip rotation is what you need to swing down the club from an inside position. So, you can have a good hip rotation if you focus on moving your hip from one side to another.

In fact, many golfers depend on this technique and you can also bump your left or right hip toward your target. It will allow you swing the club down from an inside position.

5. Use the right arm to strike

When you are hitting the club to your best effort, the ball will fly straight. Now, when the club is moving through the impact zone, you can extend the right arm and leave it be during the follow-through. It is in fact, a fruitful trick for accuracy. It will also maintain your upper body behind the ball through impact zone.

Let’s assume, you will shift the body weight into the left leg with a hip bump. It will keep you in a backward position, providing power and a higher trajectory to all the shots. In truth, it is a simple fundamental basic for golfers which is more effective than any other technique.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above-mentioned techniques are extremely useful and they will make anyone a better golf player. So, please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.